Corporate Profile

ASAHI until today...

ASAHI TRADING was founded as an importer in 1940's for the carpet industry by Susumu Kawakami, who got his education in Japan (Keio Univ.) and in USA (DENISON Univ.) in 1936, and then he assumed responsibility as an officer in both Japan and China office of a German-based trading company.

In 1940's while the German company was stopping its operation in Japan, his friend whose family ran top carpet mill in Japan asked his support, not only for himself, but also for Japanese carpet industry, Susumu Kawakami started importing required goods for carpet production from Europe to answer the desires. That was the birth of us.

In 1953, he registered it as ASAHI TRADING CO., LTD. in Kobe City. Since then the company had developed the business mainly in the carpet industry and act as both importers and exporters, and now in transactions with most of carpet producing countries.

One of ASAHI's commitments to tufted carpet industry since 1970's is continuous development and improvement of ideal cut pile looper "TTQ™" by using Japanese traditional advantageous ability "putting various functions into a small place = TTQ cut pile looper".

ASAHI in future…

In house (building), humans are surrounded by 3 kinds of surface (ceiling, wall, floor) and floor is the only surface our body touches always, which means floor material influence greatly on both human's mind and body whether one can perceive or not.
Carpet is the only human-health-friendly floor, by absorbing floating harmful indoor particles (PM10, PM2.5, etc.) and preventing them inhaled into people’s lungs and blood.
Please watch below two videos; comparing carpet and wooden smooth surface, to see how the same amount of dusts move (blown-up & floating) when the same person walks on them. As you see, with smooth surface dusts are blown-up and keep floating. On the other hand, carpet holds dusts (no blowing-up) and moreover it absorbs floating dusts. So carpet keeps indoor air quality clean and comfortable.

carpet ↑click here.
Hard surface floor ↑click here.

The first prime minister of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew said that the air-conditioner is the greatest inventions of this century, which may have led this tropic country to one of the top GNI countries. The air-conditioners provide noticable confortableness all over the world, on the other hand, air-conditioners have possibility to create an unnoticable but significant health problem. For efficient operation of air-conditioners, modern houses are made with leak-proof structure and less ventilation. This causes dusts, VOC (volatile organic compound), and smell problems. When we adopt the modern technology like air-conditioner in our house, we need to review our indoor air quality.

In addition to dust-absorbing function mentioned above, carpet provides softness, absorbs irritative noise and dazzling reflection light, and change the room condition (temperature, moisture, etc.) into human-friendly, mild and comfortable one. Carpet's cushion frees human from mental stress caused by fearing slip or fall on the floor, and of course it protects body.

Throughout mankind’s cultural history, carpet has been one of the most friendly and influential products to human beings.

By only laying carpet, stressful indoor space is changed into human-friendly, mild, healthy and soft environment.

To encourage laying carpets (in a broad sense, such as artificial turf, landscaping grass, etc...) on every possible space, and for it we wish to offer any possible collaborations with every personnel and organization.

We are proud we have been engaged in the world of this wonderful product, CARPET. And we will keep contributing to enhance and enlarge the carpet industry through our specialized area.