TTQ History

Cut Pile Looper for TUFTING

1960s Introduce solid tungsten looper for longer durability than steel looper.
1970s Adapt 3-D (X,Y,Z) Base Line on stamped looper, allowing additional accurate process.

Adapt J-cut Chamfer to minimize J-cut.

Introduce semi-solid type tungsten looper for longer life of both looper & needle.

New TTQ concept began.
Objectives of TTQ development :
  • To realize enhanced productivity and quality of tufted carpet and better cost performance for tufting by only installing TTQ.
  • To develop loopers that even enhance performance of tufting machine and durability of needles & knives
  • To keep smooth cutting ability on any type of yarn for a long period of time

- 1st Generation -
Size and shape looks the same as TTQ today, and offers 5 – 7 times longer life than H.S. steel looper, with no more needle scarf wear.
1980s - 2nd Generation -
Introduce "Submicron Tungsten", with which no more "Dry Run" (to break in) required with knife, and offer fine cut pile surface. In addition, much longer life for looper & knife than 1st generation.
1990s Introduce cut pile looper with scissors-action mechanism (high cutting energy) :
  • Finer and higher quality cutting result, less yarn lint under machine and less electricity consumption (KW).
  • Can cut thick (big) yarn which were difficult to cut with previous loopers.

Cobble agreed with advantages of the TTQ concepts and became a licensee in 1998.
2000s Introduce corrugated (wave) edge looper to hold yarns on blade edge against knife push-forward motion and prevents missed yarn cut or partial yarn cut.

- 3rd Generation -
Introduce "X" class cutting edge looper
Object of "X" class development :
  • Reducing streak on carpet even with SHRINKING filament yarn.
  • Longer knife re-sharpening period than 2nd generation.
  • Longer looper life than 2nd generation.
2010s Introduce NEW HORIZON – Higher accuracy module and single TTQ looper :
  • Higher accuracy for gauge pitch
  • Greater uniformity between each single looper
  • Save machine set-up time
  • Easy machine tuning
  • Utilize the potential of the tufting machine
2013 - 4th Generation -
Introduce higher cutting energy TTQ
FUTURE - 5th Generation - (under development)
Comfortable and pleasant feeling for the mechanics when tuning the machine. In addition, prolong looper & knife's life further than present looper.

"Among TTQ customers durability of looper, needle and knife is no longer talked about; they enjoy talking about surface & carpet quality."

We welcome your input for improving the tufting cut pile looper

We respect other people’s intellectual property and ideas.
We are seeking opportunities to discuss new ideas for enhancing our looper.
So if you have any, please offer what you have in mind.