What is TTQ?

Please see the scissors-cutting video first for 20 seconds then go to objective of TTQ development.

For cutting, TTQ is designed to reproduce scissors cut action with high cutting energy concentration and with less energy consumption.

See video - Cutting yarn by scissors

As you see in the video :
1) Right hand can cut carpet yarn easily
2) But left hand cannot
3) Why? Because it is caused by slight angle change between two edges of the scissors, and similar phenomenon arises in TUFTING, between LOOPER and KNIFE.
4) TTQ Looper is designed to reproduce the function of scissors with your right hand (dominant hand) by technical combination of design, metallurgy and craftsmanship.

Objective of TTQ Looper development (TTQ is short for "Total Tufting Quality")

TTQ cut pile looper solves difficulties cut pile loopers have, moreover, it improves lifetime and ability of needles, knives and tufting machines.

TTQ cut pile looper offers 1) improved cost & performance in your tufted carpet production, 2) brought out the tufting machine's full potential, 3) longer lifetime and better performance of your needles & knives, and 4) high energy concentration scissor cut action resulting in prolonged clean cutting quality with most types of yarn.

Through decades of continuous improvements, those TTQ concepts have been well accepted and became "the standard of Cut Pile Loopers" as an acknowledged fact throughout the tufted carpet industry (Cobble became a licensee in 1998 among those who recognized TTQ advantages).
TTQ Loopers have been contributing to improve tufted cut pile carpet quality, machine speed, productivity, efficiency and performance of tufting machines resulting in significant cost savings.


You can prove to yourself some of TTQ advantages by the following methods

(* Pictures shown are concept images and for illustrative purpose only.)

1. Cleaner carpet surface

By high power and accurate cutting edge, you will see less lint (yarn dust) under the tufting machine (with spun yarn you'll see the advantages easily).

Large amount of lint under the tufting machine (wool spun yarn)

2. Longer needle & knife life

By special metallurgy, there is normally no wear at needle scarf. A needle can be used until needle point becomes dull.

By fine accurate TTQ cutting edge, longer knife resharpening period is realized.

3. Less maintenance and electricity

By TTQ design, less electricity consumption which means less load on machine = less maintenance.
Check main motor by AMP meter to confirm it.

less consumption

In addition to the above examples of TTQ advantages, TTQ implements more customer favorable abilities, which can offer further tufting improvements.


Why "TRADING" company developed TTQ?

As a "trading company" ASAHI had been importing various loopers. However, tufters reported that none of those loopers could provide sufficient cutting ability to cut some kinds of yarn. So ASAHI TRADING developed a looper to meet that need together with the concerned. That is TTQ Looper. Since then, TTQ keeps improving year by year.

We are a "trading company", but if something is needed and it is not in the market, we have been trying to create whatever required such as machine, parts, etc., and introduce it to the market. TTQ is one of them.


TTQ Summarization

You can see a summary of TTQ in PDF format in various languages (Chi/ Eng/ Flemish/ Fre/ Ger/ Jpn/ Tur) HERE.

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